12 Volt DC Camping Shower Set

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Portable 12V Electric Car Plug Outdoor Camping Shower Set Gentle Stream Handheld


1. Just connect it to car cigarette, put the pump into lake/sink/bucket to get steady and gentle stream

2. Carry this shower in you car/van/SUV/Jeep/limo, and just plug it into 12V car cigar socket for use

3. This shower comes with a suction cup and hanging s-hook, suitable to use both indoor and outdoor

4. Water-resistant On/Off switch and submersible pump with 2 meters water hose

5. Ideal for camping holidays, boating, cars or any kinds of outdoor leisure activities


Voltage: 12V

Current: 3A

Power: 35W


Hose: 2M

Cable: 4M

Size: 36.5*29.5*7CM



1. This shower is specially designed with an adjustment knob for easy control of water pressure. With a black rubber pad in bag to prevent the handle from leaking. The rubber pad must be installed on or it will leak. Safe and convenient with ON/OFF switch.

2. It comes with S-hook and suction cup to hang the shower, suitable to all indoor and outdoor purposes, quick and convenient.

3. With built-in water filtration system, it can clean the water while the shower is in use and will not affect the flow of water.

4. You can put it in your car and take it for various outdoor activities, take a shower after swimming in the sea, playing on the beach or when go out for camping.

5. It can also be used in your home, you can use it to give your pets a shower or water the plants in the garden.


Package Includes:

1 * DC 12 V Car Shower

1 * “S” Hook

1 * Suction cup

2 * Waterproof Rubber Rings




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